Consent Preferences
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How It Works:

  1. Refer: Help us grow our community impact by referring organizations, departments, or groups who could benefit from our fundraising services. Simply submit the details of potential referrals through our designated submission form. It's an easy first step towards making a significant difference.

  2. Confirm: Once you've made a referral, leave the rest to us. United Sportsplex will reach out to initiate the planning of their fundraising event. You'll be kept in the loop with updates, especially when your referral successfully books and concludes their event.

  3. Contribute: The successful conclusion of a fundraising event you referred triggers more than just celebration; it activates a commitment from us. In recognition of your effort and to further our collective impact on the community, United Sportsplex will make a $200 donation to a local department, program, non-profit, or charity of your choice within the Greater Houston area. This is our way of ensuring that together, we contribute to the fabric of our community, supporting causes that matter to you.

By participating in our referral program, you're not only benefiting your own organization but also amplifying the impact on the community by supporting departments and individuals that stand for excellence.

Introducing Our Referral Program

Empowering Community Engagement Through United Sportsplex's Referral Program

I'm excited to share an opportunity that not only expands our community's engagement but also amplifies the positive impact we can have together. United Sportsplex's Referral Program is designed to enrich our community through meaningful partnerships and donations, and here's how you can play a pivotal role:

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