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Dinking for Donors: A United Sportsplex Pickleball Tribute Tournament

Ignite community spirit and honor your donors through our unique pickleball tribute tournament at United Sportsplex.

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Opt for United Sportsplex as your fundraising partner and ignite a sense of community like never before.

Achieve your campaign's financial target and get ready for a grand slam—our "Dinking for Donors: United Sportsplex Tribute Tournament." This celebratory pickleball event accommodates up to 100 individuals or 50 doubles teams, providing a perfect setting to revel in your fundraising accomplishments. It's not just an event; it's our way of saying a heartfelt 'Thank You' to all the generous donors.

To elevate the sense of community and gratitude, the top 10 donors will find their names proudly displayed on custom t-shirts and banners throughout the event.

In line with our focus on community enrichment, your partnering program will have the opportunity to nominate a "Guest of Honor"—be it an exemplary coach, educator, or local hero. United Sportsplex will extend a designated donation to this honoree's specific field or department represented by our Guest of Honor, honoring their contributions by making a financial commitment in their name, emphasizing our unwavering commitment to uplifting the community institutions that make us proud.

By selecting United Sportsplex for your fundraising journey, you're doing more than just meeting financial goals; you're making a lasting impact. As we say, "building community through sports - That's US!

Introducing Our Referral Program

At United Sportsplex, we go beyond hosting your fundraising event. We believe in contributing back to the community, especially to individuals and departments that embody our core values. For every successful referral you provide that leads to a booked event, United Sportsplex will make an additional donation of $200 to the department of your distinguished guest of honor.

  1. Refer: Use the field below to list names and contact details of organizations or departments that could benefit from our fundraising services.
  2. Confirm: We'll reach out to your referrals. Once they book an event, you'll receive notification of the successful referral.
  3. Contribute: Upon confirmation of each booked event, an additional $200 will be donated to the department of your selected distinguished guest of honor.

How It Works:

By participating in our referral program, you're not only benefiting your own organization but also amplifying the impact on the community by supporting departments and individuals that stand for excellence.

Choose United Sportsplex for Your Fundraising Needs and Unlock a One-of-a-Kind Opportunity to Galvanize Your Community
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